Apex Wildlife  Removal

Various Kinds Of Wildlife

There are many different kinds of wildlife in Chicago. Some of these include, but are not limited too; beavers, coyotes, deer, livestock, raccoon, skunks, and woodchucks. Cities tend to threaten the lives of these animals when it comes to construction, habitat destruction, and humans. The important thing is that the animals are removed with care and taken to their natural habitat. The removal of these animals is non-life threatening and the wildlife is taken back to habitats more suitable for these animals. Various Chicago Raccoon Removal companies advise that there are no pesticides or other harmful poisons used when removing these animals. You can rest assured that the animals are in safe hands and will be returned without a scratch.


When deciding which wildlife removal company to go with it is important to do the research. First things first are to ask the company the specifics on how they plan to remove the animal. Do they plan to kill the animal? Most companies will, and should, show you pictures of what the specifics entail of removing an animal. Ask questions like: will the animal be abandoned, and will this solve the problem long term? Be sure to ask for referrals from friends and family that you trust.

Sometimes it is better to know that somebody can verify the outcome of the problem before you find a solution on your own. Make sure the company is licensed and insured. Yelp is a great website to find the reviews you need. If a company seems unethical or “sketchy” in any way, trust your instincts and keep looking. Wildlife invasions are common in larger cities, such as Chicago, because animals are attracted to humans, smells, food, etc. It is best that you already have a plan ready before you come into contact with wildlife that you are not sure how to handle.

baby coyotes

Lincoln Park’s Zoo of Chicago has been helping ID and tag the animals that call Chicago home. The capture the animals on motion-triggered cameras that are place around the Loop to the suburbs. If you live in the Chicago area, can sign up to help ID these animals at www.ipzoo.org. Contributing to this allows scientists figure out which animals are making Chicago their home and help protect against the mistreating of these animals. These animals may find themselves trapped or hurt in human traps. The Ipzoo is trying to prevent this and help these animals live in safe conditions.